Rems Mini Cobra Electric Drain Cleaner

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Rems 170010 Mini Cobra Electric Drain Cleaner

RRP: 121.00

Price: 117.00
(140.40 Incl. VAT)


Robust hand unit to quickly remove blockages from the kitchen and bathroom.

Suitable for pipes Ø20 - 50mm.

Supply Format

Mini Cobra drive unit with hand crank, hexagonal adaptor for power drill attachment, GRP cable drum, quick action chuck, cable Ø8mm x 7.5m, supplied in a cardboard box.


Compact, heavy duty design with easy operation quickly removes blockages in pipes, traps and tight bends.

Easy insertion through plug hole means no pipe disassembly is required.

Lightweight, just 2.9kg.

Drain Cleaning Cable

Manufactured from high quality specially hardened sprung steel, extremely flexible for easy forward feed even in tight bends.

Cable end has bulbous head to ease feed through bends.

Cable Drum

The cable drum is manufactured from galvanised steel to prevent corrosion, outer casing from glass fibre reinforced plastic with top ventilation windows to aid cable drying and sight access.


Drive is either by steady running hand crank or by attaching to a variable speed drill via the hexagonal shaft.


Spare cables available in the following sizes

Ø8mm x 7.5m

Ø10mm x 10m

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